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“infraLOG” the niche business publication’s objective is to spread awareness of the state of contemporary business environment in different sectors of India’s economy. The publication presents exact status from the standpoint of an independent observer without any leanings. At infraLOG we aim to be the “Change Agent” in India's economic development playing our part as a neutral media house to ensures futuristic orientation of enterprises. As people and business are inseparable and all constituents form the nation’s economic system, infraLOG brings to its readers, a holistic view of the infrastructure, operating systems with social and economic impact in a globalized world. Media & Publishing is vital to assimilate, educate, drive and demonstrate momentum of ideas and activity to make India one of the Top 3 World Economies by 2030.

 As publication of “infraLOG” enters its 10th Anniversary, this objective has been achieved largely as it has already become a widely read and distributed, niche business publication across the country and internationally. Acknowledgement for content, continuity, coverage and style of presentation with a difference; print and e-version including social media interaction has been shown by readers and our patrons across sectors by supporting our effort.

 Special mention here is a must, our “Lean Team infraLOG” needs a pat – For Not Stopping churning out issues even at the helm of “Covid Havoc” – and that’s the grit of “infraLOG”

The stalwarts-startups of industry, spokespersons, interviewees, contributors, critiques and guides; correspondents and Associates across sectors A Big Thank You to all!


As if Covid had not done enough damage by destabilising the balance of life within the countries own arena and restrictions were detested by different countries. The whole world had looked moving into a zone akin to the cold war with different connotations in different geo regions including.

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