As if Covid had not done enough damage by destabilising the balance of life within the countries own arena and restrictions were detested by different countries. The whole world had looked moving into a zone akin to the cold war with different connotations in different geo regions including.

Few months before 23rd February, 2022 it was Biden and NATO combine which was predicting at different levels, possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia, till it happened before dawn. After first two days attacks Russia declared two cities Donetsk and Luhansk, abutting Russian border in Ukraine region, as independent countries on the pretext the Russian speaking people were being attacked by Ukraines military. Even after declaring special military operation Putin said he did not want to occupy Ukraine; it was to demilitarise.

While US showed Russian military build-up of 100,000 forces & military equipment, it declared its resolve to defending Ukraine along with NATO nations. Diplomatic parleys by Macron and our PM Modi didnt yield any result and with the conflict entering 12th day Ukraine was bombed day and night turning into a ghost town. UN termed it Russia an aggressor against a member state. Several meetings and votes have since been held but with no avail. Zelenski though showed heroic stance to fight out through his citizens, the devastation of the country does reflect on his political maturity since it is his people being killed and the cities being captured by Russian military.

No diplomacy has worked so far, US and NATO imposed sanctions will have effect on Russian economy but by the time Ukraine would have paid heavy price. US has refused to join the war but helping Ukraine with arms and military assistance to defend against the Russian invasion.

It will be debated whether, Zelenski miscalculated support of the west due to his plan to join North Atlantic Treaty Alliance while Putins harp was his declaration he will not join NATO.

Newtons 3rd law proved once again, every action has a reaction. From war of words on Ukraine joining NATO, it has turned out to be war of guns, bombs, missiles and even threat of nuclear attacks.

Indian students paid a heavy price for being caught in the spire of Russia-Ukraine conflict. Pathetic scenes were heart rending. How people of other countries get involved unknowingly into international quagmire of protocols, diplomatic moves and get used as human shield to pressure Indias support. They did not get desired support from either Russian army nor Ukrainians.

We are no more non-aligned after PM Modi took over since we dealt with US and allies equally, purchasing arms to strengthen our military might in the wake of Chinese overtures in Galwan and Arunachal. India abstained from voting in UNGA to the chagrin of US. Probably Russia too disliked abstaining in the wake of our age old friendship when US showed us eyes. The deals of S400 Air Defence Missile and other military purchases are yet not complete and there are US sanctions against. Modi has to do a tight rope walk.

In an article Kate Sullivan de Estrada, Lecturer in Modern Indian Studies at the University of Oxford and Patrick Quinton-Brown is D Phil candidate at the University of Oxford have rightly culminated the importance of NAM as It cannot be ignored that with over 120 member states, the movement is the second largest international body after the United Nations and represents over 50 percent of the worlds population. Its prestige of numbers alone gives weight to its views on the normative dilemmas of global multipolarity.

With the current conflict obscuring the world peace and accentuation of forming groups of countries to wield single power, it is essential that India ought to take advantage of its founder status of NAM with 120 countries being its members to forge ahead in the path of espousing peace and economic growth and rise in international world order.