Infralog Publishing

To spread awareness of contemporary industry status and be the Agent of Change in India's economic development, ensure futuristic orientation of Indian enterprises. Publishing is an important area being pursued by us. Through the publication of infraLOG this objective is sought to be achieved. In 8 years of its publication, it has already become a widely read and distributed, niche business publication, earning acknowledgements for quality and content with a difference by the practicing industry spokespersons across sectors.

Summary of Product(s)/ Service(s) offered *: infraLOG is a niche business publication from Asia Aviation Associates. It covers all aspects of Logistics and Infrastructure news views and developments across sectors covering Aviation, Airlines, Ports, Airports, MRO, Shipping, EXIM, Rail, Surface Logistics, Cargo and warehousing infrastructure, Training and Skill development, flight schools, business aviation, Power, Manufacturing, IT, Technology other economic sectors covering both private and public sector eas a means to economic development of our country.