“infraLOG” your niche Business Publication for the past 10 years, is connecting the industry, economy and people; spreading awareness of the state of contemporary business environment in different sectors with an interface with the global challenges.

‘infraLOG’ does not follow the trend, it creates a new approach to media, journalism and development by analysis of the status of performance of industrial, agrarian and social sectors by our associated domain experts.

3-Rs i.e. Relevance, Requirement and Resonance, are three key words by which we judge a piece of news, views and feature. The information, organisations, people, and writings are carefully selected and dealt with originality, accuracy, research, studies and interaction with change agents both national and international.

As you are aware, many of the analytics, perceptions and predictions in “infraLOG” did get proven with the results of the policy and actions of various measures and economic decisions. We stood by the objectives and dared even in Covid-19 pandemic to keep the “infraLOG” afloat with an uninterrupted flow of information for our readers in those difficult years on e-mag mode. Your support did it!

As a neutral Media-House we do need your support much more in the changing horizon of the ‘New World Order’ of our Prime Minister. As we complete a decade of existence, infraLOG-Asia Aviation Associate rededicate ourselves to keep you posted with a holistic view of policy, infrastructure, technology, digital world; the AI, ML, AR, VR, Meta world in harmony with social order. While our dedicated “infraLOG-Asia Aviation Associates Team” does the job, we look forward to support from industry leaders, spokespersons, contributors, critiques, guides and startups.

Together, we shall see India into top 5 economies of the world much before 2047; that is what I hope and foresee.


“Creating Wonders through Humans”