‘130 kilograms of food a day’:  A sneak peek into the menu for elephants at Anant Ambani’s Vantara

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Vantara in Jamnagar, conceived from the vision of Anant Ambani to provide world-class care to injured and endangered animals, now nurtures over 200 elephants at its sprawling rescue centre. The centre’s daily activities were recently revealed via its official Instagram account.

The sprawling rescue centre, known as the Radhe Krishna Temple Elephant Welfare Trust (RKTEWT), occupies approximately 600 acres within Reliance’s Jamnagar complex. It gained wider public recognition after it served as the venue for Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding celebrations.

As per the youngest Ambani, the aspiration is for Vantara to evolve into the foremost wildlife institute globally.

To fulfill this objective, the elephants at Vantara receive a spectrum of facilities, including personalised diet plans and a dedicated jacuzzi for the relief of the elderly and injured elephants.

The RKTEWT’s kitchen staff comprises expert chefs who craft meals tailored to individual elephants’ unique dietary requirements, catering to their consumption of up to 130 kilograms of food daily.

The Instagram account also provided a glimpse into Leelawati, the female elephant’s daily meals. Her diet includes Ragi Laddu, Khichadi, and rotis for breakfast followed by green fodder and Alfalfa as snacks. Branches, leaves, fruits, and vegetables make up her lunch, with dry fodder served for dinner.

In addition to dietary measures, elephants benefit from enrichment endeavors like pool sessions. The official Instagram post conveyed how a hydrotherapy pond equipped with 260 high-pressure jets emitting lukewarm water offers therapeutic relief to the animals.

Anant Ambani recognises his role in animal welfare as a privileged one, stating in an interview with News18 that serving animals is his way of giving back to society. His vision, combined with wider public awareness, has placed Jamnagar squarely on the global map, especially after his recent pre-wedding festivities.

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