An Inside Look At JetBlue’s Newly-Announced Amenity Kits

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  • JetBlue is rolling out reusable amenity kits for Mint customers, two varieties available for different flight durations and destinations.
  • Long-haul pouch converts into a lightweight daypack, exclusive dental kit, facial moisturizer, and sleep essentials included.
  • Domestic flight pouches are also reusable and can be linked for modular storage solutions, featuring toiletries from Dr. Dennis Gross.

New York-based JetBlue is rolling out new onboard amenity kits to its Mint customers this spring. The new kits are designed to be reusable and feature quality textiles and pampering skincare products and vary slightly depending on the destination.

Bring on the backpacks.

There are two new kits, one for domestic and international short haul and one for transatlantic long-haul flights. The pouches were designed by Caraa and feature products from existing supplier Tuft & Needle and local New York-based brands Dr. Dennis Gross and Plus Ultra. In advance of the new product’s debut, the airline provided Simple Flying with a sample to test.


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The headline feature for Mint passengers heading across the Atlantic is that the amenity kits convert into a lightweight ‘daypack’ for continued use. The pouch folds inside-out and unrolls to become a mesh sports bag, perfect for carrying all your goodies off the plane and for things like beach towels or snacks.

The JetBlue kit turns into a backpack

Photo: Jonathan E. Hendry | Simple Flying

Several other items are found exclusively in the long-haul pouch. A dental kit compliments of Plus Ultra consists of a mouthwash, small mint toothpaste, and a toothbrush. The toothbrush is made from Moso bamboo, a renewable resource with anti-bacterial qualities that protect from germs and mold.

There is also a small deodorant wipe, facial moisturizer, and the sleep kit and toiletries found in the short-haul mint kits.

Mix and match storage

Mint customers on domestic flights will find their pouches are also reusable and can be linked together to create modular storage solutions. The pouches come in four colors (sage, clay, sand, gunmetal), so customers can collect several throughout their travels and snap them together to hold electronic cords, toiletries, or other essentials.

The new JetBlue kits come in four colors

Photo: JetBlue

Both kits feature the standard toiletries from New York-based Dr Dennis Gross. There is a moisturizing, non-flavored lip balm in a small tube of a blueish moisturizer and an Ultra Gentle Daily Peel treatment. Despite the name, the daily peel is not a beauty mask but rather a series of two wipes applied two minutes apart.

JetBlue's new short-haul Mint amenity kit

Photo: Jonathan E. Hendry | Simple Flying


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One of the highlight features is the sleep essentials kit that now comes standard. There is a pair of black and mint-colored socks that feel silky, soft, and durable. The Tuft & Needle sleep mask was of similar quality and fit comfortably with no light leakage. Also included is a pair of royal blue earplugs that fit comfortably in our testing.

Passengers can expect to try the new kits beginning this month. Transatlantic Mint passengers will see the latest product on Wednesday, March 13th. Domestic flights receive the new kits from April 1st.

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