Bengaluru doctor slams HDFC after getting unsolicited loan spam calls. Bank says, ‘sorry to hear about your experience’

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A senior doctor in Bengaluru criticized HDFC after receiving numerous spam calls from the bank’s loan requirement team. Dr. Sundar Sankaran, program director at Aster Institute of Renal Transplantation, stated that despite blocking some numbers, the calls persisted from various others. Frustrated with the constant spam calls, when he confronted one caller, another person claiming to be the telecaller’s manager contacted him, questioning why he was “rude.”

“HDFC loan requirement callers have become a nuisance and if you get angry with them you are pestered with more calls despite blocking,” Dr Sankaran wrote on X. “Today after one caller got fired by me another caller claiming to be manager HDFC wanted to know why I was rude looked like spam calls but HDFC has to act and investigate.”

The doctor also shared a list of phone numbers from which he had been receiving the spam calls and tagged HDFC and its customer support team’s handles on social media. This action prompted a response from the bank.

“Hi Sundar, sorry to hear about your experience. Please DM us the caller details and your contact number on which the call was received for better assistance,” an HDFC customer service representative, Ajay, wrote.

Dr. Sankaran highlighted that he had previously informed the bank about the issue with telecallers, yet the spam calls persisted.

In a screenshot shared by the doctor, the HDFC bank representative wrote, “As a corporate entity, our bank is compliant with all directives, regulations, and laws of the land and we have set in place stringent controls over telemarketing activities. However, it is beyond the scope of our control or authority to identify such freelance agents and bring charges on them. Only the affected parties have the right to take up the matter by lodging a complaint to their telecom service provider so that the matter can be taken up as per provisions of law.”

Other users empathized with the doctor’s situation and shared similar experiences. “They never stop completely, though after post of today they might halt in for few days. They never take action,” wrote Doctor Arif Khan Kashmir (@KashmirDrarif).

A survey conducted in February revealed that approximately 90 percent of respondents reported receiving annoying calls from individuals selling financial services, real estate projects, and other products, despite being registered on the Do Not Disturb list. The majority of respondents stated that they receive spam calls daily, with a significant portion of these calls being related to financial services and real estate.

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