‘Bengaluru is not for beginners’: Man on scooter attends meeting on laptop, sparks debate

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A viral video from Bengaluru sparked renewed discussions on work-life balance and long working hours. The video, posted by Peak Bengaluru on X, depicted a familiar scene in India’s IT capital: a tech worker multitasking by working on a laptop while riding a scooter.


A yet-to-be-identified individual was spotted balancing an open laptop on his lap while riding a scooter in Bengaluru. Details of a Microsoft Teams meeting were visible on the screen, prompting concerns about both productivity and safety. This incident reignited conversations about the importance of responsible work practices and safe commuting habits.

“Bengaluru is not for beginners,” the caption of the video read.

The viral video depicting a man balancing a laptop while riding a scooter garnered attention on social media. Netizens responded with a mix of humor and empathy towards the man’s situation.

“This reminds me of   @pradeepbv ‘s picture in 2007 trying to fix Bangalore traffic problem. :-)” a user commented. Another one wrote, “Bro must be working for an IT company as he might be short of clocking 70 hours per week.” “Client call and death can come at any time,” joked the third user. 

“The kind of pressure people are facing these days is immense. Don’t have the option to find ways like these,” the fourth user commented. 

A recent video shared online showed a man working on his laptop inside a movie theater, sparking discussions across the internet. The brief 11-second clip, posted by user KP on X (formerly Twitter), captured the scene at Swagath Onyx Theatre in Bengaluru.

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