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Every now and again, I make a mistake. And it’s time I fessed up on one. Recently I approved the publication of a Letter to the Editor about one of our reader’s experience with his Chevy Bolt, wherein he used the car to make money (lots of gig work, plus some towing), and had already put on 170K or so miles on it, which, at the time, I thought was a lot. I posted the article, and, well, for some reason, I tried to make it clickbaity, which I try not to do, but I admit, it creeps in to my journalism. I titled it, “The Bolt with the most miles on Earth? And towing capacity to boot?

Catchy, right? Then a reader wrote in, showing his dashboard with 240K miles, and I was stoked to see it, but obviously that stoke blinded my otherwise decent journalistic research ability, so I published the article as an update to the previous one, and titled it “New record!”


Well today, I am owning my mistake. I am wearing a number of hats at CleanTechnica, and writer is not supposed to be one of them, but I love writing and publishing, so I do it when something grabs my attention. But one of our more professional writers would easily have avoided my mistake, and done a bit more due diligence. Turns out, there are A LOT of people with Bolts more than 240K miles. Here’s some more of our reader commentary on the subject.


“My 2017 Chevy Bolt has 180k. I am trying to catch!”

“206k on one of our three 2017 Chevy Bolts so far! No brakework at all, 2 sets of tires AND that includes over 11,000 Lyft and Uber rides given! Amazing little car (which is why we own three) we do have a 2020 M3 we use for road trips.”

Here’s an email we got from what I’m guessing is a fossil-funded troll on the subject, just for your amusement….

240k Chevy bolt. If you are trying to promote electric vehicles and the most you’ve ever gotten out of one is 240,000 miles without the battery being replaced, that’s a big problem. If I can ever get a guarantee out of a manufacturer that the battery will last over 300,000 mi, I will buy that vehicle in a heartbeat. Problem is most manufacturers only warranty the battery for 100,000 mi. 

Really? Does any ICE car have a 300K warranty??? LOL

And here’s a Bolt that just went over 300,000 miles this week!

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