‘Cockroaches in the room… I really hope they improve’: Grammy award winner Ricky Kej faces unpleasant experience At Mumbai hotel

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Grammy award winning musician Ricky Kej recently relayed a distressing account of his stay at Ginger Hotel, a budget accommodation near the Mumbai airport.

Recounting the ordeal on social media, he reported encountering cockroaches, faulty plumbing, and dirty toilets in his room. Despite suffering a similar experience during a previous stay, he had decided to offer the hotel another chance due to his admiration for the Tata group.

“Currently staying at @stayatginger Ginger Hotel at the Airport in Mumbai. Thought it would be a good idea to stay at a no frills business hotel by the @TataCompanies, being a huge fan of Tata. Bad experience once in the past, tried giving them a second chance. Unfortunately – untrained staff right from the check in counters, cockroaches in the room, faulty plumbing, non existent laundry pickups, dirty toilet drains, Etc. I really hope they improve.. for the sake of the group,” he wrote on X.

Kej posted on social media where he highlighted unsatisfactory conditions and service, stating, “untrained staff right from the check-in counters, cockroaches in the room, faulty plumbing, non-existent laundry pickups, dirty toilet drains… I really hope they improve, for the sake of the group.” He also shared footage of a cockroach in his room.

“A happy wandering cockroach in my room @stayatginger hotel at Mumbai Airport. I was told it would be a single occupancy room. Hahhaha,” he continued.

According to Kej, his problems escalated after he posted his grievances online, claiming the hotel deactivated his key and demonstrated “rude, threatening service, complacency… and now vengeance.”

The musician’s troubles didn’t end after checking out from the hotel, as he received an inaccurate laundry bill. He encouraged the hotel chain to review their staff, scrutinize security footage, and determine the cause of these continuous operational failures.

“After all the drama, tweets, some pseudo apologies from staff, I receive this Laundry bill which is completely fictitious! Yesterday I did call for laundry at 2pm – NO ONE ARRIVED AT MY ROOM TO PICK UP LAUNDRY. I waited 45 min and gave up. So there was NO Laundry done! For your own good, @stayatginger and @TataCompanies , please investigate staff, look through cctv footage and please figure out how are these continuous lapses in operations, efficiency and service happening. Who is responsible (is it just some staff who is disgruntled?) and what needs to be done to restore trust in this brand,” Kej wrote.

Ginger Hotels responded with an apology for the inconvenience, promising an urgent investigation. Their message read, “Dear Ricky, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused during your stay. We are investigating the matter with urgency.”

Kej’s posts garnered numerous reactions from internet users, many of whom shared their own negative reviews of the hotel. “No proper lighting, matchbox size rooms. Total harassment,” a user wrote.

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