DB Schenker deploys Dexory mobile robot and AI solution for inventory management

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The Modex show floor is packing with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that are focused on moving product: AMRs that move pallets to picking locations, AMRs that move bins of products out of storage locations, AMRs that move single products to packing stations. A new AMR from the U.K.-based company Dexory, however, does something different. 

Equipped sensors, cameras, and LIDAR, the DexoryView AMR scans your distribution center and can make a digital twin, or digital map, of the facility. On subsequent occasions, the AMR can scan your facility again and can provide real-time visibility of your facility that can be checked against your warehouse management system. From that real-time visibility, companies can identify such things as stock that is in the incorrect position or is missing, bar codes that are unreadable, rack that is damaged, and space that is being underutilized. The robot has the ability to scan 10,000 pallets in an hour, meaning it can eliminate the need for annual or quarterly cycle counting.

Dexory recently announced its first U.S. installation at one of third-party logistics provider (3PL) DB Schenker’s warehousing facilities in Utah. 

DexoryVisoin is also up for one of MHI’s annual Innvoation Awards. (Dexory, www.dexory.com/)

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