DGM (Operations) RINL, Donates Rare O-Ve Blood For 53rd Time – Indian PSU

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Shri Karri Srinivas, DGM (Operations) RINL, visakhapatnam steel plant donates rare O-Ve blood for the 53rd time in a row. Shri Karri Srinivas, DGM (Operations), Blast Furnace RINL- Visakhapatnam steel plant donated his blood O -ve (very rare blood group) to Smt. Asha, w/o Shri Narasingarao, employee of Navy. O-ve blood was required for Smt. Asha (pregnant women) who underwent surgery today at St Anne Hospital, Malkapuram.

It is pertinent to mention here that Shri Karri Srinivas is very busy on the official front and infact is attending to a family member who underwent a major surgery just four days ago and is confined to bed and both his children are out of country. Shri Karri Srinivas who is on leave is taking care of his family member who underwent surgery.

Inspite of his present condition/ situation, on receiving the call for the blood, Karri Srinivas rushed to Sanjeevani blood bank and donated O-Ve blood. Several officials and devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations lauded the service motto of Karri Srinivas.

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