Flipkart customer receives stones instead of Rs 22,000 phone. Company says, ‘We are extremely sorry’

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E-commerce giant Flipkart finds itself in hot water after a customer from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, reported receiving a package filled with stones instead of the smartphone he ordered. The incident, which took place recently, has reignited concerns about online shopping safety and order fulfillment.

The customer ordered a phone worth Rs 22,548 on Flipkart.  However, upon receiving the package and opening it with the “open box delivery” option, his excitement turned to frustration. Instead of the phone, he found the box filled with pebbles.

The customer took to social media to express his disappointment, sharing pictures of the package and its contents. The post quickly gained traction, highlighting the seriousness of the situation and raising questions about Flipkart’s quality control measures.

Flipkart responded to a post on X (formerly Twitter) showing a customer who ordered a phone but received stones instead. They advised customers not to engage with fake social media handles.

“I have also received wrong product from Flipkart and now they are not picking up the product back,” one user wrote.

Recently, there have been multiple instances where Flipkart customers received products different from what they ordered online. In one case earlier this month, a customer ordered a mobile phone but received a different gadget instead.

This incident underscores the importance of consumer awareness and vigilance when shopping online. Here are some tips to stay safe:

Read reviews: Check product reviews and seller ratings before making a purchase.

Opt for cash on delivery: Consider using cash on delivery (COD) for expensive items, especially from new sellers.

Record unboxing: Film yourself unboxing the product to have video evidence in case of discrepancies.

Report issues promptly: If you receive the wrong item, contact Flipkart customer support immediately and file a complaint.

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