Future trend in ATM: G&D presented innovative all-rounder at Airspace World 2024

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From March 19 to 21, 2024, KVM manufacturer Guntermann & Drunck GmbH (G&D) showcased its diverse range of KVM solutions at booth L39. Alongside offerings tailored for ANSPs, G&D debuted the DynamicWorkplace-CON, aimed at enhancing the air traffic controller experience.

KVM systems from G&D have become an integral part of the IT infrastructure of ATC. Whether in towers, remote towers, or air traffic control centres – they offer flexible IT access, comprehensive redundancy and increased cyber security. The systems extend and distribute computer signals, enable latency-free video transmission and remote control of computers. They are indispensable in mission-critical areas such as air traffic control and optimise working conditions for air traffic controllers and technicians.

Cleared for takeoff: G&D introduces its DynamicWorkplace-CON

One of the challenges in air traffic control is managing different sources of information such as radar images, weather data and flight information on several screens. By introducing a new workplace module (CON), this difficulty is elegantly solved. G&D is keeping up with the trend towards multi-viewing consoles in ATC control rooms and is presenting its latest product for the first time at Airspace World in Geneva: The DynamicWorkplace-CON. The product makes it possible to display all relevant information on one or more high-resolution monitors. This integration leads to a significant reduction in the physical workload of air traffic controllers and at the same time improves reaction times for critical decisions.

The CON module’s multi-viewing function enables the simultaneous operation of up to eight computer sources on up to four monitors. The seamless integration into existing G&D matrix systems is specifically designed for deployment in demanding environments such as air traffic control centers. The DynamicWorkplace-CON allows the consolidation of several CON modules and the associated monitors, resulting in an efficient, organised and therefore uncomplicated working environment. This innovation ensures a particularly user-friendly KVM installation. Users can adjust the arrangement of individual computer signals in real time, providing unprecedented flexibility and control. The new product’s window manager enables intuitive operation by allowing the free positioning and management of individual windows. It is also possible to arrange monitors as desired and move windows across monitor borders.

The brilliant image quality and unlimited flexibility in the arrangement of sources add significant value by allowing active work and monitoring areas to be ergonomically designed on larger screens. Up to four monitors with an impressive resolution of up to 4K @ 60Hz can be used simultaneously via the DynamicWorkplace-CON, ensuring superior visual performance for demanding applications. The console device is characterised by the integration of the proven, lossless compression technology bluedec™, which guarantees an authentic, pixel-perfect video experience. In addition, audio signals, serial signals and USB devices from any source can be individually assigned and used.

DynamicWorkplace-CON provides air traffic controllers with an ergonomic view of all critical data without having to look away from the central control point. This leads to a significant increase in efficiency and safety in control rooms. This innovation sets new standards in air traffic control by reducing screen clutter and improving the display and management of information, enabling more modern, safer, and more streamlined operations.

KVM solutions for mission-critical applications

With longstanding partnerships in air traffic management globally, the German manufacturer offers a comprehensive selection of classic, uncompressed 4K-capable KVM products tailored for ANSP needs. Notable among these is the DP1.2-MUX3-ATC, a robust KVM switch allowing ATCOs to manage three computers from a single workstation. Its InstantSwitching technology facilitates rapid transitions between primary and fallback systems, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

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