Ginglani Distillers launch Woodsmen ‘Mountain’ Whiskey, made from Himalayan apples and candied apricots

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Ginglani Distillers proudly launches Woodsmen Mountain Whiskey, a homegrown craft whiskey, born in the Himalayas. Made with Pure Mountain Water and Flavourful Himalayan Malts, this origin-led Indian whiskey is set to redefine the Indian whisky industry, breaking away from age-old traditions and capturing the essence of the Himalayas in every sip.

Having made its debut in February 2024, Woodsmen quickly became more than just a whiskey; it’s a bold exploration of creating a new origin-backed Indian whiskey category – “Mountain Whiskey”. The world of whiskies has renowned categories like Scotch, Bourbon, Irish or Japanese, however, India, despite being the largest consumer of whiskey in the world, is still stuck with the long-existing & enforced “IMFL – Indian Made Foreign Liquor” category code. With a fresh new origin-based category, Woodsmen Mountain Whiskey aims to kickstart a new homegrown whiskey movement.

Made for new-age Indian consumers who value authenticity, Woodsmen Mountain Whiskey chose the Himalayas as its source, recognizing the crucial role water plays in whiskey-making. Blended with aged Himalayan Malts, complex characters of vintage oak intermingle with delightful notes of Himalayan apples and candied apricots to make each sip a voyage through the Himalayas. The young team works passionately, championing local sourcing and environmental consciousness. This commitment extends to the local Himachali community, with a notable representation of women in the bottling line workforce.

Shivam Ginglani, 33, Founder and CEO of Ginglani Distillers says, “Our vision is to create a whiskey that resonates with the young, vibrant spirit of India. We’ve witnessed foreign giants dominate the industry, now, it’s time for Indian brands to shine. With Woodsmen, we’re not just selling any whiskey but telling the tale of the Himalayas and representing the bold new voice of young India.”

Young visionary Shivam Ginglani launched Woodsmen, a brand that resonates with India’s youth, and stands out in the global whiskey market, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. As the brand continues to innovate and grow, it is setting a precedent for quality, sustainability, and a taste of the Himalayas.


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