Global Social Media Platforms Experience Widespread Outage

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Social media behemoths Facebook and Instagram grappled with accessibility issues, affecting vast numbers of users worldwide. The interruption commenced at 10:00 am ET, sparking a flurry of outage reports. Facebook alone saw over 300,000 reports, while Instagram’s glitches triggered 40,000 alerts on the outage monitoring site,

Meta, the parent company, acknowledged the service disruptions with a prompt response. “We’re actively working to resolve the issues impacting our platforms,” assured Meta’s spokesperson, Andy Stone. Despite the hiccup, Meta’s shares experienced a modest decline of 1.5%.

With a staggering 3.19 billion daily users across its suite, including WhatsApp and Threads, the impact reverberated across its user base. WhatsApp Business’s API, a critical service for many, also reported functionality concerns.

While WhatsApp and Threads recorded fewer than 200 Downdetector incidents, the outage still raised alarms. Internal chatter on the anonymous app Blind revealed Meta employees’ anxieties over job security as they faced login issues with work systems.

On the social media front, the incident dominated discussions, with notable figures like Elon Musk commenting on the robustness of his platform’s servers in light of Meta’s troubles.

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