‘Horrible place to work…’: Man slams Delhi NCR over work culture, sparks discussions on internet

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A post by a social media user, Shajan Samuel, describing Delhi-NCR as a “horrible” place to live and work due to the safety of women and unfavourable climate, among other issues, has sparked a heated discussion online. The user mentioned that he would refuse to work in the city even for a hefty annual salary of five crore. The post has attracted over 308,000 views so far.

“Horrible place to work, bad climate, daylight robbery, fake people, unsafe place for women especially Noida…Bangalore, Pune, conducive environment, safer place and quality of life is far better,” Shajan Samuel wrote in his post, stirring controversy and attracting a range of responses from other users.

The comment section was filled with various replies challenging Samuel’s sweeping statement about the city. “Sir, I am from NCR and had a horrible experience in Pune but never generalized the whole state/region,” replied one resident. Another questioned his labeling them as ‘fake’ owing to their geographic residence: “To call people fake because they stay in one part of the country isn’t right.”

Other responses stressed the universal challenges faced by cities around the world, along with their unique opportunities. One comment read, “Safety is a concern everywhere. Each place has its perks,” while the other asserted that every city possesses good and bad elements, using countries like the US and those in Europe as examples.

Another user emphasised Delhi-NCR’s unique charm and opportunities. “The region has its challenges, like any major urban area, but it also offers ample opportunities and amenities… It’s adaptable, and the city’s vibrancy and diversity have a charm of their own.”

The post continues to generate reactions online, reflecting varied personal experiences and perspectives about the city.

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