Indian firm offers a whopping Rs 3 lakh for a one-day internship: Here’s how to apply

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Britannia, the renowned Indian food products company, is presenting an exciting internship opportunity for a “Croissant pronunciation expert.” This unique internship, valued at Rs 3 lakh for a single day, involves the winner taking on the role of walking around the Britannia office and correcting individuals who mispronounce the word “croissant.”

Looking for an effortless way to earn money? Here’s a golden opportunity, provided you can master the correct pronunciation of “croissant.” Britannia Treat Croissant is offering an intriguing internship where the chosen candidate will receive Rs 3 lakh for spending a day at the Britannia office, guiding individuals on the accurate pronunciation of the beloved French pastry.

While croissants are widely enjoyed in India, the correct French pronunciation often eludes many, making this internship a flavorful linguistic challenge.

If you’re 18 or older, you’re eligible to apply for this unique internship opportunity. Whether you’re a language enthusiast, a pronunciation pro, or simply someone with a passion for pastries, Britannia’s internship is open to individuals from all walks of life.

To throw your hat in the ring for this coveted internship, all you need to do is register on Britannia’s Whatsapp channel. The application process is straightforward – find the registration link conveniently located on the Instagram bio of Britannia Croissant, and take the first step towards becoming the ultimate “Croissant Pronunciation Expert.”

After responding to some fundamental questions on WhatsApp, aspiring candidates will be guided to complete two essential tasks on Instagram. Firstly, make sure to follow the Instagram handle of Britannia Croissant. Then, head over to the hiring post and share your compelling reasons for being the chosen one. 

The reward for this distinctive internship is an impressive stipend of Rs 3 lakh. The duration of this unique internship opportunity is limited to just one day. 

The task assigned for the internship is straightforward: “Become the voice of Britannia Croissant, correcting individuals in our office who mispronounce ‘croissant’.”

If you’re eager to seize this opportunity and bag the Rs 3 lakh stipend, be sure to submit your application by March 10, 2024. The application process commenced on March 4, giving you only one more day to throw your hat in the ring

Afaqs reported that the ingenious internship opportunity was conceived by Youngun, a meme marketing agency.

Aman Hussain, the founding member and creative head at Youngun, elucidated, “In India, the perception of croissants tends to be as a luxurious snack, and with this campaign, we wanted to shift the conversation around the snack to be more inclusive and consumed by the general audience, not just the elite class.”

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