ITFAS Adopts Pivot88’s Advanced Supply Chain Platform

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Hong Kong, March 27, 2024 – International Trading Fashion & Apparel Supply Limited (ITFAS), the purchase entity of the KIABI Group, has chosen Pivot88’s leading quality, compliance, and traceability platform for its audit processes. This initiative is part of ITFAS’s strategy to enhance operational efficiency and adhere to increasingly stringent ESG standards in the apparel industry.

ITFAS has adopted Pivot88’s Transparency solution, which facilitates flexible and comprehensive facility audits. This partnership empowers ITFAS to strengthen its process by identifying potential risks much earlier, saving significant time and effort. Pivot88’s advanced features, such as customizable checklists, real-time visibility, and an intuitive dashboard for audit management, enable streamlined supplier connections and expanded visibility across the supply chain.

With capabilities like comprehensive audit trail tracking, enhanced compliance monitoring, and streamlined supplier engagement, Pivot88’s platform is a critical component in ITFAS’s efforts to not only achieve operational excellence but also to advance its sustainability initiatives, particularly in reducing its environmental impact and enhancing ethical practices across its supply chain. The platform stands out for its ability to align suppliers with corporate social responsibility mandates, providing tools for effective remediation and follow-up.

Pivot88 has continued to expand and deepen its capabilities since it was acquired last year by TradeBeyond, retail’s most trusted provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions. As ITFAS leverages Pivot88’s platform, they also gain potential access to TradeBeyond’s wider ecosystem of supply chain tools, offering opportunities for further operational improvements and ESG achievements.

“Adopting Pivot88 is a major milestone in our commitment to significantly improve the efficiency of our operations, since it provides comprehensive, real-time oversight of our supply chain, a crucial aspect for maintaining our commitment to efficient and sustainable business practices,” Connie Wong, Global Compliance Leader at ITFAS, emphasized. “Its platform is good at integrating complex compliance requirements across social, environmental, and technical audits, offering a more unified and efficient solution.”

“It’s a privilege to assist a retailer as respected as KIABI introduce real-time visibility into its supply chain operations,” said Stephane Boivin, Pivot88’s co-founder. “Our platform’s industry-leading features will significantly streamline ITFAS’s audit processes, reducing manual efforts and allowing for more strategic decision-making.”

ITFAS went live with the solution in November, after a rapid six-month implementation, with an initial focus on integrating key compliance metrics and audit data. As ITFAS continues to evolve and expand its operations, the partnership with Pivot88 is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of its supply chain operations and its drive for continuous efficiency improvement.

About Pivot88, a TradeBeyond Company

Powered by AI and available in 11 languages, Pivot88’s turnkey SaaS platform offers robust compliance, quality testing, and traceability solutions. In addition to managing quality, lab tracking, and inspections, the platform aggregates data to provide real time actionable insights, empowering retailers to solve the significant and important challenges retail faces today, including supply chain resilience, transparency, and sustainability. In 2023, the company joined TradeBeyond, retail’s leading provider of supply chain solutions. ,

About Kiabi

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