Korber launches software platform to manage breadth of warehouse technologies

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Warehouse technology provider Körber Supply Chain has launched a Unified Control System (UCS) platform that provides a single solution for orchestrating a breadth of various technologies across the warehouse. 

As the supply chain industry sees an increase in the adoption of fulfillment technologies throughout the warehouse, those systems tend to operate detached from companies’ surrounding logistics networks. In response, Körber designed the UCS to overcome the resulting challenges as a first-of-its-kind solution to orchestrate different warehouse technologies throughout the facility, including AMR, voice, and mixed portfolios of material handling equipment.

Specifically, the UCS provides a single solution to optimize inbound and outbound fulfillment workflows by leveraging warehouse management system (WMS) data to analyze inventory and order information and automatically allocates tasks to AMRs, people or MHE, based on their suitability, destination, and current workload. 

“Supply chain executives consistently name software, hardware and technology integration as one of their top five challenges,” Sean Elliott, EVP and CTO Software at Körber Business Area Supply Chain, said in a release. “The unique capabilities of Körber’s UCS enable tailored deployments and streamlined order fulfillment via an array of technologies – all in one place – to best support warehouse operations. This results in increased throughput, improved ROI and reduced operational complexity and system cost.” 

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