Latvian port equipment manufacturer Bleste introduces new bulk handling ‘bucket’

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JURMALA : Bleste Sia introduces its new ‘Bleste Bucket’ bulk handling solution. The Bleste Bucket is a modern iteration of the traditional bulk grab container, however, this innovative yet simple product improves dry bulk handling for companies looking for efficiency, cost and speed gains. 

Simple technology saves time and money

According to Dinis Hruscovs, Managing Director of the Latvian company Bleste Sia, the Bleste Bucket speeds up bulk cargo logistics, especially for terminals, and in a durable way: the bucket is manufactured of a very sturdy quality and with dimensions that suit terminals, trucks, vessels, and (mobile) cranes. “Dump trucks can drive right into the bucket, a unique feature. This means no spill-over onto the pier, reducing waste, dirt and dust in addition to less time and cost spent on cleaning up afterwards. The crane operator then lifts the bucket from the pier onto the vessel to discharge, again with less dust than caused by, for example, orange-peel grabs.”

As MPP vessels often have 30t cranes and the bucket container weighs 10t, its carrying capacity is kept to 20t standard. The Bleste Bucket comes standard with links and chains for immediate hook-up with a crane. However, as the bucket can actually take up 30t of bulk, stronger links and chains can be installed if clients wish to use it at that capacity.

Due to its smart design, there is no need for extra employees or equipment when using the Bleste Bucket – only a crane operator and dump truck driver are needed, perfect for environments where infrastructure or port handling equipment is scarce. Traditionally a bulk grab would need to make multiple rounds to move cargo from a dump truck to a container. Also, when loading a vessel hold, the crane capacity is not fully used. Per cubic meter, the Bleste Bucket providers savings on time spent on loading and discharging, clean-up time and cost, and use of personnel.

Parallel loading

The Bleste Bucket is especially useful for scarcely or non-equipped piers, as the Bucket can be handled on a vessel that already has a boom crane which makes for easier handling in those circumstances.  In fact, multiple cranes can be used for parallel loading, making it even more cost and time efficient.  

High Load Capacity Due to Hardox® Steel

This easy to clean container is made from Hardox® steel, a high-quality abrasion and impact resistant material sourced in Sweden and known for its strength and resilience. The steel and its structural properties give the Bleste Bucket excellent strength and durability. 

Positive impact on African ports and terminals

In the African market where many piers and quaysides tend to not be equipped with a crane, the Bleste Bucket is an excellent solution.  As the crane and bucket are already on the vessel, all that is needed is for the crane to move the Bleste Bucket on the pier for loading.  It’s simple, efficient and fills a need in an emerging market.  

After testing, the first Bleste Buckets have already been delivered to launching customers. The company is now ready to ship them to customers worldwide. Bleste Buckets can be produced on demand within one month.  

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