Man storms Iranian Consulate in Paris armed with grenades and explosives vest; arrested

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Paris police initiated a special operation at the Iranian consulate following reports of a man carrying a grenade and wearing an explosives vest.

A man was initially seen outside the consulate, prompting a heavy police presence around the building, as reported by French television and social media images.

Amid the standoff, reports surfaced that the individual threatened to detonate himself at the consulate. French police secured the area and implemented heightened security measures to address the threat.

The suspect was later apprehended by the police, according to a source confirmed to Reuters. Witnesses observed the man carrying what appeared to be a grenade and an explosives vest, sparking fears of a potential terror attack.

According to witnesses cited by Le Parisien newspaper, the man reportedly dragged flags on the floor of the consulate and expressed a desire to avenge the death of his brother.

Authorities have not revealed the motives behind the individual’s actions.

Paris transport company RATP announced on Twitter that traffic had been suspended on two metro lines that pass through stops near the consulate.

The incident occurred amid ongoing geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, though it’s uncertain if it’s connected to the current strains between Iran and Israel.

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