Omega x Swatch ‘Mission To The Moonphase’ Snoopy has landed

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In an eagerly awaited announcement, Swatch has revealed the newest addition to its iconic MoonSwatch collection: the Mission to the Moonphase. This latest timepiece, unveiled today, combines playful design elements with innovative features, marking a significant evolution in the celebrated lineage.

The Mission to the Moonphase introduces a striking all-white colour scheme, featuring a white dial, case, and velcro strap. However, it’s the subtle yet captivating details that set this model apart. Nestled within the upper right sub-register lies the beloved characters Snoopy and Woodstock, depicted against the lunar backdrop, reminiscent of their iconic appearances in the Peanuts comic strip.

Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy edition of 2015, which paid homage to the Apollo 13 mission, the Mission to the Moonphase positions Snoopy in a more dynamic role. Unlike its predecessor, this MoonSwatch places Snoopy on the moon phase disc within the two o’clock subdial, symbolising the lunar cycle’s 29.5 days.

Yet, the enchantment doesn’t end there. Under UV light, a hidden quote from Snoopy’s comic strip emerges, adding a whimsical touch to the watch’s design. This playful integration of Snoopy’s character and the moonphase complication underscores Swatch’s commitment to infuse each release with both creativity and functionality.

Notably, the Mission to the Moonphase is scheduled for release on March 26, exactly two years after the debut of the first MoonSwatch in 2022. This launch date holds special significance, commemorating the inception of what has since become a phenomenon in the world of horology.

Unlike previous limited editions, Swatch indicates that the Mission to the Moonphase will join the permanent collection, alongside other notable releases such as the Ocean of Storms Scuba Fifty. However, the addition of the moonphase complication does come with a price premium, with the watch priced at $310 (Rs 26,000).

This unveiling follows closely on the heels of another notable release within the Swatch Group: a high-profile white dial Speedmaster from Omega. 

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