OpenAI Seeks Dismissal of Copyright Claims by NYT

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OpenAI has requested a federal court to reject The New York Times’ copyright infringement claims. OpenAI alleges the newspaper orchestrated a breach of its AI systems, including ChatGPT, to fabricate evidence for the lawsuit.

According to OpenAI, the newspaper’s tactics involved “deceptive prompts,” which they say contravenes their usage policies. The identity of the individual purportedly engaged by The NYT to execute this task has not been disclosed by OpenAI, sidestepping direct allegations of illegal hacking activities.

Key Developments:

  • OpenAI’s Stance: They contend that the lawsuit’s allegations fall short of The NYT’s own stringent journalistic standards.
  • The NYT’s Response: The newspaper’s legal counsel argues the actions were legitimate attempts to gather proof of OpenAI’s alleged use of their copyrighted content.

The lawsuit, initiated by The New York Times in late 2023, accuses OpenAI and Microsoft of improperly using millions of articles to train AI systems. The tech industry, facing similar lawsuits from various content creators, maintains that the use of copyrighted material is essential and fair, fearing that these legal challenges could stifle the burgeoning AI sector.

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