SEA Representatives Meet State BJP President, Request For Remerger Of RINL With SAIL – Indian PSU

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The Visakha Steel Executives Association greeted State BJP President Daggubati Purandeshwari Purandeshwari in the presence of SAIL Independent Director Sagi Kashi Vishwanath Raju and requested to follow up the government to re-merge the Visakha Steel Plant into Steel Authority of India Limited.

SEA representatives her and expressed their gratitude for giving the letter on the 26th of last month and appealed to them to work for the merger.

Indian government owned Steel Authority of India Limited is planning to add another 10 million tonnes of steel capacity at a cost of Rs 1 lakh crore, and on the other hand privatizing the 7.3 million tonnes capacity of Visakha Steel is not a good decision. It was informed Indian steel industry will be benefitted in many ways by this merger. Steel production cost will be lowered resulting green steel will be available at low cost for many government projects like national highways, railways, ports etc. If steel is produced entirely by private companies, then like the cement industry, steel will not be controlled by the government.

SEA also requested to keep steel sector in strategic sector which is key sector for country’s development. Detailed presentation on SAIL RINL merger was given to her.

And also briefed her that 4000 executives working in Vizag Steel are very unhappy due to the suspension of promotions for officers from 2020. RINL performance effected badly due to lack of promotions as all top posts are kept vacant.

In addition to this, since 2017, many executives from reputed institutes like IITs, NITs are leaving the plant due to the lack of a pay revision and promotions. The Ministry was also asked many times to resolve the issue but not implemented till now.

She promised to take up the issues with concerned ministries and officials at the earliest. On behalf of the Visakha Steel Executives Association, President Katam SS Chandra Rao, General Secretary KVD Prasad, Vice President Chandra Venkateswara Rao and Joint Secretary Ramawat Narasimha were present in this meeting.

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