Seegrid debuts latest lift AMR

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Seegrid Corp., the makers of autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions for material handling, has debuted its latest lift AMR, the Palion Lift CR1, at MODEX 2024 booth #C7685. The Palion Lift CR1 boasts a 15-foot lift height and a 4,000-pound payload capacity. Its technology offers a flexible and scalable solution to meet the diverse needs of modern facilities.

Other key features of Seegrid’s Palion Lift CR1 include:

  1. Advanced autonomous navigation: Leveraging Seegrid’s navigation technology and safety sensor suite, the CR1 operates seamlessly throughout dynamic environments, navigating aisles and managing buffer zones with precision and safety.
  2. Enhanced efficiency: By automating material handling tasks, the CR1 lift solution can streamline crucial operations, reduce operational costs, minimize the risk of accidents, and ultimately improve overall warehouse efficiency, the company says.
  3. Scalable and flexible deployment: Seamlessly integrating into existing workflows, the CR1 offers a scalable solution that can easily adapt to highly dynamic environments, making it a steadfast solution for evolving business needs without disruption to day-to-day operations.

“This addition to our already-proven AMR fleet opens up new possibilities for our customers’ autonomous material handling needs and enables them to unlock the full potential of their operations,” said David Griffin, chief sales officer, in a release. “I am confident that the Palion Lift CR1 will revolutionize the way our customers approach overall material handling and buffer management automation within their facilities.” 

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