Slip Robotics Wins Best New Innovation in the Supply Chain at MODEX 2024

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Atlanta, Georgia, March 22, 2024 — Slip Robotics, a warehouse robotics company, was presented with the MHI Innovation Award for Best New Innovation for its SlipBot ALR (automated loading robot). This award was announced at MODEX 2024, North America’s largest supply chain and material handling conference, with more than 1,200 exhibiting companies and 48,000 attendees in Atlanta, Georgia.

The MHI Innovation Awards provide valuable insights on the latest manufacturing and supply chain innovative products and services. Out of 193 submissions for this year’s awards, a panel of industry experts selected Slip Robotics as the winner for the Best New Innovation for a new product not offered before by any company.

SlipBots are the first and only solution that enables anyone to auto-load and auto-unload any truck in just 5 minutes with no additional infrastructure – delivering speed, safety, and savings upon arrival at any dock in last-mile freight, manufacturing operations, and middle-mile logistics.

“Loading docks are a vital part of any operation, but the speed and throughput of dock operations hasn’t increased in over 50 years. We are thrilled that industry leaders recognize that SlipBots offer a unique solution to unblock these dock bottlenecks,” said Chris Smith, CEO of Slip Robotics.

Many Fortune 2000 companies, including John Deere, GE Appliances, Nissan, and Valeo, are using SlipBots to improve their dock operations. SlipBots have increased dock throughput by 300%, reduced truck and trailer idle time by 91%, reduced labor downtime costs by 85%, reduced total freight damage by 40%, and even increased total facility output by 20% by freeing up productive space in the facility.

“We are grateful for being recognized as the Best New Innovation at MODEX 2024, and we were excited to show thousands of visitors to our booth how anyone can use SlipBots to load and unload trucks in 5 minutes with the click of a button,” said Jordan Sanders, Chief Commercial Officer.

SlipBots were on display and used in live demonstrations at the Slip Robotics booth at MODEX 2024. Attendees were given the opportunity to operate the bots themselves, and they loaded and unloaded approximately 4,790 pallets during the show.

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