‘Stupid brown guy’: Video shows Canada man hurling abuses at pizza delivery driver

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A video circulating on social media depicts a customer in Toronto verbally attacking a pizza delivery worker and using racist language. The altercation arose during a heated argument between the delivery person and the customer regarding the payment method.

”This delivery guy in Brampton, Canada was harassed by a worthless customer who’s trying to make content for his TikTok. If anyone knows who he is I’d like to send him a huge tip,” Ian Miles Cheong wrote on X while sharing the video. 

The video captures a male customer, whose face isn’t shown, berating the delivery worker, calling him names like “dummy,” and insisting that he contact his employer after paying cash for the order. It’s worth noting that the delivery worker didn’t have change, as the order wasn’t marked as cash-on-delivery.

Despite the customer’s rude behavior, the delivery driver remained composed and suggested making the payment via card instead. “You think I never ordered before? Do something, I dare you,” the customer told the delivery agent adding that he always paid in cash. 

In the video, the customer persists in insulting the delivery agent, referring to him derogatorily and refusing his proposal to fetch change and complete the transaction. The driver seeks assistance from customer service to facilitate the delivery of change, which they agree to. Despite the unpleasant encounter, the delivery driver remains professional and seeks a resolution to the situation.


The video has sparked outrage online, with numerous individuals condemning the Canadian man’s reprehensible and racist conduct. One user expressed, ”No one should endure such treatment. I strongly condemn such disruptive behavior.”

Others chimed in, expressing their disdain for the individual’s behavior. One remarked, ”This is an appalling demonstration of humanity. If this individual is a troublemaker, then any backlash he faces is warranted.” Another empathized with the delivery worker, stating, ”This customer’s bullying behavior is despicable. I sympathize with the delivery guy who is simply trying to fulfill his duties.”

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