Tata in India, TikTok in China, Toyota in Japan’: List of top most valuable companies according to their country of origin

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At the start of 2024, Apple claimed the title of the world’s most valuable brand, boasting a staggering value of $517 billion, marking a remarkable 73.6% increase from the previous year. However, Apple was not the sole American brand dominating the charts, as U.S. companies claimed six of the top 10 spots and 51 of the top 100 most valuable brands globally.

Nevertheless, various countries around the world also showcased their prowess in the realm of brand value, as evidenced by Brand Finance’s annual rankings. The rankings, focused on the value of brands specifically, highlight the strength and financial performance of each brand, rather than general measures such as market capitalization.

Breaking down the list, South Korea’s Samsung secured the second position outside of the U.S., with an impressive brand value of $99 billion. China’s presence was notable, with TikTok leading the charge at $84 billion, closely followed by Germany’s Deutsche Telekom at $73 billion. Japan’s Toyota and Saudi Arabia’s Saudi Aramco also commanded significant brand values, standing at $53 billion and $42 billion, respectively.

Europe made its mark with brands like the UK’s Shell, valued at $50 billion, and France’s Louis Vuitton, with a brand value of $32 billion. Additionally, India’s Tata Group and Switzerland’s Nestlé represented their respective countries with brand values of $29 billion and $21 billion. Notably, Ireland’s Accenture, Canada’s TD, and Saudi Arabia’s Aramco also featured prominently on the list, with brand values of $41 billion, $19 billion, and $42 billion, respectively.

Overall, the rise of Asian brands in recent years has been notable, with China’s TikTok, Japan’s Toyota, and South Korea’s Samsung showcasing remarkable brand value. European brands have also maintained their stronghold, with Germany’s Deutsche Telekom and France’s Louis Vuitton leading the charge.

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