The Ultimate Guide for Surviving Economic Uncertainty & Supply Chain Disruption

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Geopolitical conflicts. Climate change. Economic slumps. All around the world, disruptive external forces are putting the squeeze on supply chains and those who work within them.

Whether you’re a head of manufacturing, a supply chain planner, or run a co-packing business, you are no stranger to the volatility that the Bullwhip Effect throws your way. In financially lean times, however, you have fewer options available to you, with much more at stake.

When the appetite for risk taking is low but the pressure to produce reliable outcomes is high, there are five surefire areas of investment to ensure you survive short-term disruptions and set yourself up to thrive in the long term.

This Nulogy Survival Guide will walk you through these five critical areas of investment for external supply chains that can help you weather the storm—to not just survive, but thrive.

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