Third Wave Automation introduces new extended reach forklifts and a “shared automation platform”

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The autonomous forklift company Third Wave Automation (TWA) is reaching new heights with its new autonomous reach trucks, which are being demonstrated at the Modex trade show this week. 

The TWA Reach can operate in aisles that are 10 feet or more in length and up to 366 inches in height. The TWA Extended Reach trucks can operate at double the height. These autonomous forklift trucks can move products from a staging lane to a rack and back with no handoff to other systems or humans. With its adaptive navigation and 360-degree view of the warehouse, the TWA Reach can operate alongside people in dynamic environments without interrupting operations.

The TWA Reach trucks utilize Third Wave Automation’s Shared Autonomy Platform, which gives users both the ability to have the forklifts operate autonomously and the ability to operate them remotely.  According to TWA, most other solutions either have fully autonomous forklifts or require a remote operator who can drive it. No other solution allows users to do both. Furthermore, when combined with TWA’s Armada Management System, a remote operator can control six to ten autonomous high-lift forklifts. 

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