‘This is pure stupidity!’: Netizens react after influencers stop car in the middle of busy Delhi flyover to make Instagram Reel

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A dangerous stunt by social media influencers in Delhi has gone viral, sparking outrage and raising concerns about safety and public nuisance. The incident, captured on video, shows a group of influencers stopping their car in the middle lane of a busy flyover, presumably to film an Instagram Reel.

The video, which has been widely circulated on social media platforms, shows a stationary car blocking traffic on the flyover, a notorious bottleneck in the city. While details are unclear, people are seen getting out of the car and setting up equipment, seemingly to film a social media clip. The video cuts off before showing any resolution to the situation, but it has caused a stir online.


According to an NDTV report, the incident occurred on a flyover close to Paschim Vihar in North Delhi during rush hour traffic.

Netizens have expressed anger at the influencers’ reckless behavior. “This is pure stupidity and puts everyone at risk,” commented one user. Others pointed out the inconvenience caused to commuters, “How can people be so insensitive to hold up traffic like this for a video?”

“These influencers put not only themselves but everyone else on the road at risk,” commented another user, echoing the general sentiment. Traffic congestion in Delhi is notorious, and such stunts only exacerbate the problem.

“These things happen every day and they are slapped with fines too, the problem is that they earn much more in terms of following, money, fame etc than the amount they are slapped with. The only sensible thing to do is imprisonment along with hefty fines and impounding of the vehicle. Hope that will put this kind of Nonsense to rest,” a third user wrote.

“Our society will go into doldrums because of these reel makers and influencers. Sincerely urge all sane people to block and move away from these Chapris if you want to live in a good environment,” a fourth user commented.


Last year in September, teachers at a school in Uttar Pradesh faced criticism for allegedly compelling students to create Instagram Reels within the school premises.

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