‘This should be printed on red flag’: Reddit users attack company for excluding work-life balance in job posting

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Companies have multiple requirements for jobseekers who can become their employees. Typically, these can range from specialising in the skill set required for the job or even being available on the weekends if required. This time around, a company’s recruitment advertisement for a bookeeper/office manager has sparked outrage among Redidt users. 

Apart from usual job requirements, the posting said that candidates seeking a work-life balance should not apply for the position. 

“If your goal in life is to have a work/life balance, then please don’t apply. That is usually someone looking for any reason not to work. We are not a company that wants to work all the time but we understand that it is a required part of life, so work is life as well. They are not exclusive,” the now-viral job posting read. 

It further stated that most jobseekers “seem to want to play hard and work as little as possible”. “Most people seem to want to play hard and work as little as possible and that is what we don’t agree with. Enjoying the fruits of your labour is an amazing thing,” the post added. 

The job posting went viral on Reddit within no time as users were outraged.  A user sarcastically said: “It’s good to see them to put that enormous red flag right out front. Saved a lot of time and effort when you know the scam up front.”

“This should be printed on a red flag,” another Redditor said. “Also, I call it ‘life/work balance’, because life is more more important, and should always come first. I would really like to see everyone else refer to it way, as well,” a user commented.

“Was this written by a boomer or a miserable bro who has very little to come home to after work?” a Redditor asked. “I suspect 95k is with a lot of overtime and maybe an exceptional year where you get a bonus,” another user said. 

“Work/life balance? Never heard of her. Honestly, I kinda want to apply just to see how insane the interview would be,” a Reddit user said. “I applied but I honestly want to see how batshit they sound in person (sic). Never actually gonna take the job,” a user said in jest. “Unless, I’m the owner of the company, I’m not sacrificing my life outside of work,” a user commented. 

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