Tired Of Anti-EV Memes? Fight Back! Announcing THE COUNTER

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You probably are way too familiar with this. You’re loving your EV. Driving fast, leaving petroleum cars to eat your dust. And yet, the need for some people to overcompensate for something, cling to their small minded thinking, or embrace their fear of EVs is so real that they send you anti-EV memes…ALL….THE…TIME.

They say it’s because they think it’s funny, and thought you would too, but on some level, I bet a psychologist would have some interesting things to say about people who send these anti-EV memes, and the mommy issues they have. Well, I think I hit the 1,000,000 anti-EV meme this week, mostly from a couple of friends who just can’t stop themselves. Some actually have a vested interest (one actually owns an oil changing business, the other is the manager of a car dealership that has been VERY SLOW to start selling EVs).

And, well, when I hit my limit, I hit my limit. So, today, I’m announcing THE COUNTER. We’re going to counter all this anti-EV meme BS by producing a ton of memes that anyone can use to send right back to their Gollum-esque troll friends who have sucked in too much diesel fumes in their lives and need to get out of their moms’ basements and get behind the wheel of a real car, like a Ford F-150 Lightning or a Model 3, and feel the skin of their faces pinned back while they get a chiropractic adjustment from their chair to get their heads on straight.

If you want to submit a meme for the contest, please send it to accounts @ cleantechnica.com.

We will be publishing the winners. This one is just for pride (and for the love of our planet, of EVs, and everything else that’s cool).

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