WATCH: Tyre of United Airlines comes out mid-air; crushes cars parked below

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A United Airlines flight, en route to Japan from San Francisco, had to change course after a tyre detached from the plane just after its takeoff. It fell on parked cars below, crushing them. 

The Boeing 777-200, heading to Osaka and carrying 249 passengers, was redirected to Los Angeles International Airport following the event. No injuries were reported post the landing.

The video footage captured reveals the moment when a tyre fell from a plane, causing damage to several vehicles. 

United Airlines, in a statement, clarified that the 777-200 aircraft, which has six tyres on each of its two main landing gear struts, is designed to land safely even with missing or damaged tyres. The airline assured that a replacement aircraft would be arranged to transport the passengers to Osaka. 

Furthermore, the airline pledged to work in collaboration with the owners of the damaged vehicles to address their needs.

Following the incident, the Boeing 777 completed a safe landing and halted approximately two-thirds down the runway. The aircraft was subsequently towed away. The Federal Aviation Administration will conduct further investigations into the incident.

(With agency inputs)

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