ANRA Technologies partners with Estonian Aviation Academy for U-space test centre in Estonia

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ANRA Technologies, a global leader in uncrewed traffic management and operational solutions, announced a strategic partnership with the Estonian Aviation Academy, a state-owned institution with a mission to educate and train future aviation talent. ANRA Technologies (ANRA) and Estonian Aviation Academy (EAVA) will jointly co-develop, manage, and operate an Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) testing facility in Tartu, Estonia, for the wide-scale development and deployment of UAS technologies for U-space implementation.

“We are excited about the opportunities this partnership brings, as it aligns with our shared vision of fostering growth and excellence in the field of Innovative Aerial Services,” stated Maiken Kull, Vice Rector of Development at the Estonian Aviation Academy. “This collaboration is set to unlock new possibilities and contribute to the broader landscape of UAS development, making Estonia a focal point for advancements in U-space implementation.” 

The successful completion of initial testing and validation phases in September 2023 with the Estonian Transport Administration, Estonian Business and Innovation Agency, and the Tartu Science Park Foundation has paved the way for ANRA and EAVA to establish permanent test facilities for U-space operations and supporting infrastructure. Leveraging ANRA’s airspace and fleet management technology solutions combined with EAVA’s aviation expertise, facilities and staff will provide a first-of-its-kind sandbox in the region. This collaboration will provide a conducive test environment for de-risking and maturing technologies and services that align with EU U-space regulations while also serving as a catalyst for accelerating innovation and market adoption of Innovative Aerial Services.

Furthermore, the establishment of a U-space sandbox will enable stakeholders to fulfil their roles and responsibilities in accordance with EU Regulation 2021/664, 2021/665, and 2021/666, facilitating the evaluation of their business and operational strategies. It will allow the Competent Authority to establish a gradual approach to enable commercial operations and service provision in a real-world environment until U-space is fully implemented. 

“This strategic alliance marks a significant step forward in advancing the capabilities of uncrewed aerial systems, and it solidifies the shared commitment of both ANRA and EAVA to drive innovation and progress towards fully commercialized UAS operations in the EU,” stated Amit Ganjoo, Founder and CEO of ANRA Technologies. “The Tartu-based testing facility will serve as a hub for research, testing, and refinement of UAS technologies, fostering an environment conducive to the evolution and integration of these technologies into the EU airspace.”

EAVA takes the role of managing airspace and coordinating flight activities in multiple test sites by establishing the sandbox operations centre at its premises near the airport and the City of Tartu. This aligns with regional efforts to develop the IAS ecosystem where U-space stakeholders can converge to validate and implement UAS solutions addressing urban challenges. This collaboration aims to set up a sandbox as a U-space integration platform and facilitate obtaining regulatory compliance to pave the way towards commercial UAS operations and services provision in the real-world urban environment. The physical and digital infrastructure for the test centre will be established and available for validation activities by the second half of 2024.

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