Apple’s M-Series Chips Face Critical Security Test

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Rresearchers have unearthed a critical flaw in Apple’s M-series chips. This security loophole—deemed “unpatchable”—could potentially let cyber intruders pilfer encryption keys and sensitive data from Mac computers.

The vulnerability, a side-channel exploit discovered by U.S. academics, takes advantage of the chips’ execution of cryptographic protocols. Unlike typical flaws that can be patched with software updates, this one is embedded in the chip’s microarchitecture, presenting a unique challenge for Apple.

Addressing this issue may require external cryptographic measures, which could slow down the performance of affected Macs, particularly older models like the M1 and M2.

Labeled as the “GoFetch” exploit, it operates under normal user privileges, raising alarms among Mac users about the security of their password keychains. While some users speculate that Apple might counteract the threat through operating system enhancements, others recall previous research hinting at this issue, suggesting that the upcoming M3 chip may include features to thwart such vulnerabilities.

This revelation adds another layer of complexity as Apple navigates a significant antitrust lawsuit with the DOJ, which accuses the tech giant of stifling competition and innovation through its App Store policies.

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