Malaysia Aviation Group Reports Record-Breaking Financial Year

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  • MAG, parent company of Malaysia Airlines, posts first net profit in a decade, with a record-breaking financial performance in 2023.
  • Malaysia Airlines saw a 52% increase in passenger traffic, launching new routes and achieving an 86% pre-pandemic capacity by December 2023.
  • Despite challenges, MAG is optimistic about full recovery in 2024, with plans for new partnerships, routes, and aircraft orders to enhance passenger experience.

Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG), the parent company of Southeast Asian carrier Malaysia Airlines, has announced record-breaking performance for the financial year ending December 31, 2023.

First net profit in a decade

The Malaysian flag carrier has seen its share of hardship over the last decade, including the highly publicized MH370 disappearance and the shooting down of MH17. Group Managing Director Datuk Captain Izham Ismail commented at a press briefing,

“It has indeed been a checkered journey for us, having gone through five transformational exercises and navigating in often turbulent paths. However, despite facing formidable challenges, we not only demonstrated our resilience, but capacity to thrive amidst adversity.”

Photo: Nicole Kylie | Simple Flying

Malaysia Aviation Group revealed that, in 2023, it recorded an annual net profit of RM766 million ($162 million) – the first positive since 2014. This is an impressive RM1.1 billion ($233 million) rise over its negative RM344 million ($73 million) figure the year prior. Operating profit was up 64% from 2022.


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In 2023, the Group’s airlines – Malaysia Airlines, Firefly, MASwings, and Amal by Malaysia Airlines – logged 14.5 million passengers, compared to 9.9 million in 2022. This, coupled with a 5-point uptick in load factor (77% in 2023 vs. 72% in 2022), is reflected in its improved financial standing.

Strength in numbers

MAG’s core segment is its airline business, driven by Malaysia Airlines. With the demand for premium travel in Asia-Pacific increasing at an unprecedented rate (it’s now the second-highest in the world, after North America), the airline has found itself in a competitive position, despite being in a market teeming with low-cost carriers.

Malaysia Airlines and Scoot in Singapore

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As a result, Malaysia Airlines logged a 52% increase in passenger traffic and a 61% increase in capacity year-on-year. Additionally, the airline launched several new routes in 2023, including three in India: Amritsar, Trivandrum, and Ahmedabad. Flights to Kertajati in Indonesia have also resumed.


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While the airline has successfully reinstated 86% of its pre-pandemic capacity as of December 2023, the Asia-Pacific region as a whole continues to lag in recovery compared to regions such as Europe and North America. Nonetheless, MAG is hopeful that a full recovery will be achieved by the second quarter of this year.

Looking ahead: new partnerships, routes, and aircraft

Speaking to Simple Flying, Datuk Captain Izham said that, while the challenges of the last two decades made it difficult for the airline to invest in upgrading its services, this upturn in performance ultimately means improved passenger experience and expanded product offerings.

A Malaysia Airlines inaugural Boeing 737 MAX 8

Photo: Malaysia Airlines

“While 2023 marked a remarkable resurgence, 2024 is poised to be the year where we solidify our credibility.”

The group also announced a new partnership with Manchester United, setting it up for a successful 2024. Later in the year, Malaysia Airlines will take delivery of the remainder of its ten newly ordered Boeing 737-800s and three A330neos.

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