Bundelkhand Of Uttar Pradesh Emerging As The New ‘Power Hub’ Of The State – Indian PSU

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Bundelkhand, long counted among the underdeveloped regions of the country, is now rapidly progressing towards prosperity. Over the past seven years, extensive developmental efforts have been undertaken in this region, following which investments worth ₹ 10 lakh crores have been grounded successfully . Following this, Bundelkhand is poised to become a new energy hub for Uttar Pradesh. Most upcoming projects in this area are based on solar energy production. Approximately 10 major projects directly involve solar energy. These projects are expected to generate over 3000 megawatts of electricity.

Transforming the Face of Bundelkhand with 29 Major Projects Worth ₹ 30 Thousand Crores
Indeed, Bundelkhand has received special attention since 2017. Due to its arid nature and lack of connectivity, the pace of development in this region has been slow. Despite this, over the past seven years, a series of development and fundamental infrastructure projects have encouraged investors to establish their ventures in this region. Law and order have been strengthened. As a result, approximately 30 thousand crores worth of 29 major projects have begun laying the foundation for industries in Bundelkhand through the groundbreaking ceremony held a year after the UP Global Investors Summit. Ten of these projects are directly related to solar energy, being established in all six districts except Hamirpur (Jalaun, Jhansi, Lalitpur, Banda, Chitrakoot, and Mahoba). In Jhansi district alone, three solar power projects are being established.

Jhansi to Host the Highest Number of Solar Power Plants
Speaking of Jhansi division in Bundelkhand region, a 600-megawatt solar plant is being established by TUSCO. This project, costing ₹ 3430 crores, will create 300 employment opportunities. Additionally, Fourth Partner Energy Private Limited will establish a 100-megawatt solar plant at a cost of ₹ 1200 crores, generating employment for 1000 people. Meanwhile, Sun Source Energy will initiate a 135-megawatt open-access solar power project worth ₹ 600 crores, creating 2000 employment opportunities.

Lalitpur and Banda Not Lagging Behind
In Lalitpur district, TUSCO is establishing a 600-megawatt solar power plant. This project, costing ₹ 3450 crores, will create 300 employment opportunities. Similarly, Suryashakti For Private Limited will invest ₹ 150 crores to install a 10-15 megawatt solar power project, generating employment for 200 people. In Banda, Awada Ind Solar Private Limited will establish a 750-megawatt solar power project at a cost of ₹ 350 crores. Furthermore, SanSure Solar Park & Private Limited is setting up a 15-megawatt solar power project at a cost of ₹ 62 crores.

Chitrakoot and Mahoba to Become Major Solar Energy Centers
In Chitrakoot, TUSCO Limited will establish an 800-megawatt solar power project worth ₹ 4700 crores. This project will create employment opportunities for 400 people. Additionally, Shree Cement Private Limited will install a solar power plant at a cost of ₹ 202 crores. In Mahoba of Bundelkhand region, TUSCO Limited will initiate the Arjun Sagar Floating Solar Power Project with 1008 crores, generating employment for 78 people. In Mahoba, IB Vogt Solar For Private Limited will establish a 155-megawatt solar power project at a cost of ₹ 80 crores.

Besides Solar Energy, These Major Projects Will Accelerate Prosperity
Other major projects include the establishment of an LHB coach project and track work plant worth ₹ 2840 crores by Indian Railways. The Sant Maan Karma Human Development Committee will set up a private university at a cost of ₹ 501 crores. In Lalitpur, stone mining and gun propellant projects for the defense sector will be established with a cost of ₹ 30 crores and ₹ 20 crores, respectively. In Chitrakoot, Saurashtra Bhuj Food Products Private Limited will set up a food processing plant worth ₹ 500 crores. Additionally, Varun Beverages Limited has invested ₹ 496 crores in Chitrakoot, and Shukla Enterprises in food processing sector has invested ₹ 200 crores. Similarly, in Hamirpur, three major companies have invested approximately ₹ 940 crores in manufacturing and agri-based soil projects. In Mahoba, Desi Bhog has invested ₹ 50 crores in a food processing unit. GRS Hotel Private Limited has also made a ₹ 50 crore investment.

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