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Minnetonka, MN (March 26, 2024) – Sincere apologies are in order for jackhammers everywhere. Dockzilla is eliminating the unnecessary assault on facility floors by modernizing loading docks with the Dock House Exterior Dock Leveler. There’s no construction required to attach this self-supported dock leveler structure to the outside of the building, so there’s no need for demolition crews or disruptions to warehouse workflow.

The Dock House design encases a premium dock leveler inside a self-supported steel frame that’s installed on the front of a loading dock door. This self-contained unit projects from the building to receive incoming trailers, so it handles the entire dock leveler task without any structural changes to the building or destruction to the warehouse floor.

Conversely, the installation process for a conventional recessed dock leveler is a mess, requiring significant demolition to extract a 10 ft. x 10 ft. pit from the building floor. All in, pit leveler installations can mean weeks or months of downtime, and the work can actually churn up bigger issues, such as hazardous silica dust, water mains and more.

Not only is Dockzilla’s Dock House with Exterior Dock Leveler a refreshing departure from the old-school dock plate pit-digging rodeo, it also drives speed, savings, and sustainability in a way that meets the demands of both corporate stakeholders and frontline employees:

• Fast & Easy Installation: Dock House is pre-engineered to arrive onsite and set up in just one day. Lightyears faster than traditional pit levelers that can take months to install and often uncover electrical or water pipe underlying issues.

• Eliminate Costly Downtime: Dock House is installed outside, keeping internal workflow humming without disruption. That means maximized productivity and zero lost revenue – unlike conventional levelers that turn your loading dock into a construction zone.

• Preserve Building Floors: Maintain interior floor space (100 sq. ft. per dock) that would otherwise be occupied by inefficient pit-style levelers and reduce reclamation costs to restore the flooring when your business moves.

• Energy Retention & Savings: Dock House Exterior Dock Leveler is attached outside, so the dock door closes on the building floor and not a steel dock plate sans thermal capability. This improves warehouse temps and drives energy savings of up to $2,500/yr., per dock.

Get Expert Engineering Help

Customers that contact Dockzilla’s sales team of architectural, mechanical, and industrial engineers get answers, ingenuity, and support. These engineers leverage real-world experience with loading operations to assess customer needs, direct site surveys, and do the math to deliver the optimal dock leveler solution. They can assist with leveler sizing and capacities, with specialized integrations such as scissor lifts and VHL levelers.

About Dockzilla

Dockzilla Co. engineers modular loading docks and ramps, dock safety products, and building structures that deliver a loading and logistics advantage. As conventional material handling methods continue to fall short, Dockzilla helps top companies navigate challenging first-, middle-, and last-mile distribution projects that raise the bar in this rapidly evolving industry. To check out case studies or chat with an engineer about your application, visit or call (800) 637-3036.

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