Efficient shelf management is key for retail success, says Harrison

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For many retailers, attracting customers and encouraging repeat visits to physical stores is critical if they are to remain competitive in a challenging market. At the heart of this is providing a seamless customer experience that leaves shoppers wanting to come back again and again. According to Harrison, a leading Point of Sale partner for retailers across the globe, efficient shelf management plays a pivotal role in this, maximising product visibility and driving sales to help both shoppers and retailers alike.

Kieron Morris, Divisional Manager at Harrison Products said: “Efficient shelf management is vital for retail success. Everyone who has ever set foot in a shop knows how it feels to be on a mission to find a certain product, only to be met with empty or messy shelves. Suddenly, you’re faced with the huge challenge of finding what you need amongst the chaos, and no doubt any shop assistant you find will be just as confused as you are!

“Compare that to walking into a shop that is streamlined and visually appealing thanks to well organised shelves that clearly display products and in-demand items. Everything falls into place, and even if it’s your first visit to the site, you’ll be able to find what you need much easier. In fact, you even feel like you could browse for other items on your shopping list because the shelves appear to be well stocked – which is great news for retailers, because that can often result in more sales.

“People will quickly lose patience with anything less than exceptional, and retailers will find customers are flocking to competitors that have better mastered merchandising. This all comes down to choosing the right shelf management solutions, such as t-rails, shelf dividers and acrylic risers. Their innovative design helps retailers better organise products, streamline merchandising and increase store efficiency. Not only is this great for customers, but it supports shop floor employees with stock replenishment, as they can easily locate and place products so they can restock quickly and efficiently.”

T-rails create a tailored shelf management solution, as these PVC rails vary in length and often include backing tape so they can be installed easily on different shelving units. This enables retailers to customise shelf configurations to suit their needs, while adjustable breakpoints and clip-on dividers keeps products of all shapes and sizes organised to optimise shelf space and enhance product visibility.

Kieron added: “Flexibility is key in shelf management, which is why t-rails include magnetic tape variants to enable easy movement of divers between shelves, facilitating quick adjustments to allow for changing products or promotional displays. Aesthetics are also extremely important, which makes breakable shelf dividers a good option to complement t-rails. Their transparent design gives customers an uninterrupted view of products, creating easier access to items for shoppers and employees alike.”

Breakable shelf dividers are durable and versatile, crafted from Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) with break points every 2.5cm so they’re extremely customisable to fit a variety of shelves. The dividers create in-shelf barriers to prevent product displacement and enable efficient restocking, optimising the way shelf space is used. Acrylic dividers and risers enhance this further, securing products in place to prevent them from slipping or moving while helping products stand out on the shelf and minimising clutter.

Kieron concluded: “It’s a really challenging time for retailers across industries and around the world, so even the smallest issues can put a customer off spending in your store. Therefore it’s no surprise that having tidy, organised shelves could make or break the customer experience. Recognising this, it’s essential that suppliers work closely with retailers to offer a wide range of high-quality shelf management solutions to support store enhancement, elevate product displays and create a compelling shopping experience.”

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