Flexcon shows off latest catalog of plastic warehouse bins

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Supply chain totes and containers provider Flexcon is highlighting its latest plastic warehouse bin collection in booth B6422, demonstrating their range of benefits.

According to the Berkeley Heights, New Jersey-based company, its corrugated plastic bins are durable while also being light weight, so they are long lasting, with a high strength to weight ratio. The bins positively stack and take just minutes to assemble. When fewer bins are needed, they can be efficiently stored away flat. They can be used in a range of locations including shelving, pallet racks, pallets or even directly on the warehouse floor. Ideal for small to medium sized products, they offer solutions for a variety of applications including retail, medical, produce, and manufacturing. 

In addition to over 60 standard sizes with many color choices, options are available for custom sizes, electrostatic discharge (ESD), and fire-retardant materials.

“We designed these bins to be the most efficient and least expensive in the industry. They ship knock-down flat, resulting in a freight cost reduction of about 80%,” Flexcon President and CMO Ken Beckerman said in a release. “Our warehouse bins combine the light weight and ship flat features of corrugated plastic with durable, long lasting, economical construction. They are a perfect solution to put our customers’ valuable space to work with total efficiency.” 



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