‘For single people only’: Man wears t-shirt with QR Code at Ed Sheeran’s Mumbai concert

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Ed Sheeran’s concert at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai on March 16 wasn’t just about the music for one attendee. A young man named Hardik, 22, turned the event into a potential matchmaker with his unique outfit.

While many fans donned regular concert attire, Hardik sported a conversation starter: a T-shirt featuring a giant QR code. This wasn’t your average barcode, though. Scanning it with a smartphone camera revealed something unexpected – Hardik’s Tinder profile.

An Instagram post mentioned that Hardik roamed around 8.3 km during the concert, donning the coded t-shirt, with an intention to find a match on Tinder.

The tactic caught the eye of fellow concertgoer Shweta Kukreja, who snapped a picture of the enterprising bachelor and shared it online. “For Single People Only,” her caption read, sparking a viral trend. Shweta’s post, revealing the QR code’s secret, garnered over 239,000 views and 100+ replies within hours.

News of Hardik’s creative approach to online dating spread quickly. Social media users lauded his ingenuity. One comment read, “His creativity shows he will be the perfect partner for me.” The post’s reach extended beyond just potential matches; it highlighted the growing intersection of technology and romance in the modern world.

While the effectiveness of Hardik’s QR code gambit for finding love remains to be seen, it has undoubtedly generated a lot of buzz.

“His creativity shows he will be the perfect partner for me,” a user wrote. Meanwhile, another one said, “People are going to such extent, my goodness (sic)” “Promotion pro max,” added another.

This isn’t the first time concertgoers have gotten creative to find love. In recent years, music festivals and concerts have seen a rise in attendees using signs, light-up displays, and even elaborate costumes to stand out from the crowd and attract potential partners.

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