Incredible Work By Obstetrics & Gynecology Department Of VSGH, RINL – Indian PSU

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In just 21 hours, the dedicated VSGH medical team performed 5 Cesarean Sections, 1 Emergency Laparotomy, and 1 Normal delivery. Kudos to Dr G Sujatha, Dr Radha Kumari, Dr Sunitha Dr P. Sharah Suhasini, Dr Sanjay, and the entire OT & Labour room staff for their commitment!

Record-breaking day at VSGH, RINL! In an intense 8-hour window, from 4:53 PM (6th MARCH) to 1 AM, Dr G Sujatha, head of O&G Section of VSGH, Medical Department of RINL supported by Dr P. Sharah Suhasini & OT staff has performed back to back 4 major emergency surgeries. Shri Atul Bhatt, CMD, Shri SC Pandey, D(P) & additional charge Director (Finance), Dr KH Prakash, CGM (M&HS) RINL congratulated all doctors, nurses & paramedical staff for their dedication!

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