Indian Railways on its track to record best ever performance in Freight Business, Total Revenue, Track laying in FY 2023-24

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NEW DELHI : Indian Railways is on its track to record the best ever performance in its recorded history in terms of the output from the Freight Business, Total revenue, track laying in the Financial year 2023-24.

As per the preliminary data, IR has crossed an originating Freight loading of 1500 MT today on 15th March, 2024. Previously, IR had achieved the best ever Freight loading of 1512 MT during FY 2022-23.

During this FY 2023-24, Total revenue of Indian Railways stands at Rs 2.40 Lakh Crores as on date. Last year on 15th March, total Revenue was Rs 2.23 Lakh Crores, an increment of 17000 Crores. Total Expenditure of Indian Railways stands at Rs 2.26 Lakh Crores in this FY 2023-24.

Total passengers travelled during FY 2023-24 stands at 648 Crores, an increment of 52 Crores when compared to the figures of the same period of last year. Last year, total number of passengers travelled was 596 Crores.

In this Financial Year as on date, Indian Railways has laid 5100 Kms of new tracks. In this FY, average daily track comes out to be more than 14 Kms per day.

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