Kenco grows its material handling equipment capabilities with new offering, Automation Guidance

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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – Kenco, a leading North American third-party logistics company, announced today it will launch Automation Guidance, a consulting offering dedicated to helping operations managers upgrade their existing facilities with automated material handling equipment (MHE) assets, which have become increasingly critical to their success.

With the addition of Automation Guidance, an offering within Kenco MHE Solutions, supply chain professionals now have access to a complete lifecycle of MHE benefits. Market demands have created a need for faster, more efficient technology across the facility floor, and Automation Guidance will help managers envision, execute and maintain upgrades to their existing infrastructure – from forklifts and pallet jacks to conveyors and robotic picking tools, and everything in-between.

“The reality for most supply chain professionals is that the “warehouse of the future” isn’t new construction – it’s the step-by-step automation of existing facilities, which can be an arduous process when tackled alone,” said Denis Reilly, CEO of Kenco. “Kenco is already known for our robust MHE maintenance and planning solutions, so we’re well positioned to help facility managers not only design an achievable MHE automation strategy, but also execute in the long term.”

The Kenco team designed Automation Guidance on the company’s deep pool of operational analytics, gathered from supply chains across North America. By combining its decades of experience with operational data from more than 110 distribution centers, Kenco can guide customers through a proven roadmap to maximize automated MHE efficiency.

“For years, customers have pointed to Kenco’s trove of real-world data as one of our key differentiators. It gives us the ability to not only help customers manage their MHE day-to-day, but also counsel them on the best approach to MHE automation for their specific needs,” said Jeff Burns, President of Kenco MHE Solutions. “Executing automation can feel like a Herculean task, but when customers apply our data pool to their project, it’s easier to find the needle in the haystack – the automated MHE tools that will make the biggest difference in their operations.”

Kenco MHE Solutions has already made a measurable impact for existing customers – with some seeing as much as a 26% average reduction on total MHE spend through benefits from asset optimization, asset tracking, damage reduction, and increased equipment life. Through Automation Guidance, customers will see benefits for years to come.

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Kenco supplies integrated logistics solutions that include distribution, eCommerce fulfillment, comprehensive transportation management and material handling equipment services, and customized supply chain solutions – all designed for Operational Excellence. Kenco continues to be a leading 3rd party logistics provider in North America, building lasting customer relationships for over 70 years. Kenco’s focus is to support customers’ business needs and redefine third-party logistics by offering innovative, connected solutions.

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