New AGV capable of unloading trailer in 45 minutes

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AGV/AMR robotics specialist VisionNav has unveiled a new highly flexible, intelligent VNST20 PRO AGV robotics solution, which is capable of loading or unloading a trailer truck in 45 minutes.

Comprising VisionNav’s high performance autonomous forklift paired with an advanced robot control system (RCS) for fleet scheduling, the loading and unloading solution is designed specifically for trailer trucks. Integrating cutting-edge mapping, 3D perception, localization, and routing technologies, it creates efficient loading and unloading strategies, enhancing overall work efficiency and safety.

The VNST20 PRO adapts to a wide range of trucks, pallets, goods, and environments in North America and Europe, automating loading, unloading, and manual handling tasks. Utilizing 3D LiDAR SLAM deep learning positioning technology, artificial intelligent (AI) algorithms, and servo control technology, the solution delivers self-adaptive perception for unstructured, dynamic environments and dynamic routing in container for high accuracy.

VNST20 PRO can be tailored to a variety of pallets—including EPAL and CHEP—has a gap between goods of 0-30 millimeters and cargo top clearance of 150 millimeters. In the unlikely event of an AGV breakdown, the solution can easily be switched into manual mode to prevent operation interruption. 

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