Princeton TMX Introduces Sustainability Tool Within its TMS

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March 19, 2024 (Fort Wayne, IN) – Princeton TMX, a leading multi-modal transportation management system (TMS) provider, today announced the release of a new sustainability tool for shippers to measure carbon footprint at the point of shipment execution. Embedded seamlessly within the Princeton TMX system, the sustainability tool gives shippers a clear, accurate picture of the environmental impact of loads and enables them to utilize data to create more sustainable transportation networks.

The new tool utilizes state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices to collect precise carbon emission data using load data within the TMS. On-demand access to reports and dashboards allows shippers to track CO2 emission performance for better decision-making around their sustainability initiatives and reporting to stakeholders, partners and regulatory bodies.

Key features of Princeton TMX’s carbon footprint sustainability tool include:

1. Accurate Data Collection: Collect precise carbon emission data at the point of shipment execution using the shipment data within the Princeton TMX system.

2. Performance Reporting: Access on-demand CO2 emission reports to measure performance and support reporting requirements to stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

“The shipper community has become increasingly aware of the importance of reducing their carbon footprint within their supply chain,” said Mark McEntire, CEO, Princeton TMX. “Driven by the strong commitment to environmental responsibility by Princeton TMX and our customers, we have embedded a sustainability tool within the TMS that accurately measures carbon emissions and provides transparent and reliable data to customers, stakeholders and regulatory bodies. Access to timely, accurate carbon emission data at the point of shipment execution will further enable shippers to reduce their carbon footprint and create more sustainable transportation networks.”

To learn how Princeton TMX can support your sustainability initiatives, contact us at 1-800-435-4691 or schedule a demo today.

About Princeton TMX

Princeton TMX is a leading multi-modal transportation management system (TMS) provider. The company’s cloud-based system automates and optimizes transportation planning and execution, streamlining the supply chain, reducing freight costs, and improving overall performance. Backed by a team of logistics experts, Princeton TMX helps automate complex transactions by simplifying the entire transportation planning and execution process—providing better rates, better lanes and lower risk.


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