‘Where have you come from, Mars?’: Netizens in shock after man books Uber Auto for Rs 62, gets a bill of Rs 7.66 cr

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A Noida resident’s recent Uber auto ride turned into a nightmare when the app displayed a bill of a staggering Rs 7.66 crore (approximately $930,000 USD). Deepak Tenguriya, a regular Uber user, booked a seemingly ordinary auto trip for a mere Rs 62. However, upon reaching his destination, his phone displayed a bill that could have funded a small space program.

The bizarre incident quickly went viral after Tenguriya’s friend, Ashish Mishra, shared a video clip on social media. In the video, a bewildered Tenguriya holds his phone up, showing the astronomical fare. “How much is your bill worth, show,” asks Mishra. Tenguriya, still in disbelief, replies, “Rs 7,66,83,762” (Seven crore, sixty-six lakh, eighty-three thousand, seven hundred and sixty-two).

“The good thing is that the trip has not been cancelled yet,” the post read. 

The Uber customer received a bill without including Goods and Services Tax (GST). The bill showed a trip fare of Rs 1,67,74,647 and a waiting time cost of Rs 5,99,09189. Additionally, a promotion cost of Rs 75 was deducted.

The video sparked amusement and confusion online. Memes under the hashtag #ChandrayaanRide (referencing India’s lunar mission) began circulating, poking fun at the situation. However, for Tenguriya, the incident was a genuine cause for concern.

“Kahan se aa rhe ho bhaiya, mangal grah se? (Where have you come from, Mars?),” a person jokingly wrote. Another commented, “Chandrayaan ka bill bhi nahi aata usse zyada. (Even Chandrayaan’s bill is not this much)”

Uber acknowledged the error and swiftly swung into action. “Hey, sorry to hear about the trouble. Please allow us some time while we are looking into this issue for you. We will get back to you with an update,” Uber India post read. They assured users that such occurrences were extremely rare and attributed it to a system glitch.

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