Yale expands availability of forklift operator assist solution to warehouse lift trucks

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Yale Lift Truck Technologies has expanded the availability of its Yale Reliant forklift operator assist solution on an additional 16 Yale models. The new entrants to the Yale Reliant lineup are predominantly warehouse lift trucks and expand the technology’s availability to a total of 59 models covering a wide range of applications, including those common in retail and e-commerce fulfillment, wholesale distribution, and third-party logistics operations. 

The lineup expansion includes several models that were not previously available for standard order with Yale Reliant enabled, as well as additional capacities or configurations of models for which only select variations were available previously. Very narrow aisle (VNA) turret trucks, narrow aisle reach trucks engineered with a smaller frame for tight retail environments like stockrooms, and the straddle, furniture, and standard order picker models are all newly available with Yale Reliant. Center riders, tow tractors, enclosed end riders, and reach trucks were already available with Yale Reliant, but the latest portfolio expansion extends availability to additional capacities and configurations of those models.

The company also recently introduced the standalone availability of its advanced dynamic stability (ADS), one of the underlying technologies in the Yale Reliant forklift operator assist solution. Previously available in packaged solutions with one or more of the other Yale Reliant technologies, object detection, proximity detection, and real-time location sensing, warehouse lift trucks can now be equipped with ADS as an independent option. ADS continuously monitors forklift and load status and automatically applies interventions in response to compromised stability. Adjustments, such as a reduction to travel speed or a smoothing of fork lift or tilt movement, are carefully measured to avoid abrupt shifts or jerks that can upset stability. The standalone ADS availability offers a more affordable and accessible solution for operations with needs that may not warrant an investment in the detection or infrastructure required for other technologies in the Yale Reliant suite.

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